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Its funny to think that this started off as an idea to promote one town in Wisconsin but it did. I started out with a plan to turn a negative into something positive (you can read the whole story here).   So I decided to be proactive and start promoting small towns throughout the state of Wisconsin with fellow friends and volunteers.  Currently this magazine is solely done by volunteers, who teamed up and are pulling from their best assets to make this work and fit like a puzzle.


About Small Towns, Wisconsin

Small Towns, Wisconsin is a digital magazine (eMag) that will be published quarterly as well as a special holiday edition when time permits. This community eMag focuses on researching and providing featured stories that showcase the small towns and their individual character and attractions. Each issue will cover one to four towns (which may rotate back into future issues). To start, we will be focusing only on the southwest region of Wisconsin, but plan to expand to cover the rest of the state. Once fully in all four regions, each region will have its own edition published.

Our Mission

Promote tourism to the small towns of Wisconsin and provide adventures in the form of day, weekend, and week-long trips.

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