How to Get Involved

Small Towns, Wisconsin is planning to expand into another region(s) within the next year.  There are several ways you can become part of this exciting endeavor and to help us accomplish our goal:


Town Officials/ Local Folks

  • Help us spotlight the lesser known along with the well know gems
  • Normally we communicate with you first - but contact us if you want us to visit your town/village/city.
  • Key Folks you feel we should interview or get to know
  • Encourage your school district to have students submit stories
  • Encourage local businesses to take advantage of this opportunity to promote themselves.

Local Businesses

  • Love to hear how you got started.
  • Your passion for your business.
  • Participate in "Wacky Phrase" Discount (You can decide the discount you want to offer).
  • If we write about you we do include: Your contact info and social media links (if you have them).

Contributing Writers

  • Submit a feature story about the small town you reside or grew up in.
  • Become a regular contributing writer (if you like to travel).
  • Encourage local businesses to take advantage of this opportunity to promote themselves.


  • Submit photographs of the Wisconsin landscape for magazine imagery (along with credit)
  • Photographs will be reviewed but not promised to be published in the mag.  If we do will will notify you prior.
  • We only use photographs provided in magazine (not in any advertisement promoting the magazine, if we want to, we will communicate with you prior for permission as your permission is only for use in the magazine)


By sponsoring an issue, not only are you are actively promoting a small town, but you are allowing us to dig a little deeper into the town and fulfill our goals for the issue.   A couple of things:

  • All sponsors are aligned with the towns they reside/serve in (Local business)
  • We have different levels of sponsorship available.

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Consider donating to Small Towns, Wisconsin as our work currently is run by volunteers. Click on the button below to donate via PayPal.

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