Back in June we joined Dane Buy Local, as we knew that like us they support local businesses, and that was just one part of our ‘Support Small Towns‘ agenda.  Before joining them we had already been supporting the local shops but we wanted to get our name out further.

Dane Buy Local was started back  in 2004 as a program under the Wisconsin Partners for Sustainability.  Here is their mission statement:

“It is our mission to create a sustainable, vital local economy through education, collaboration, and promotion as a nonprofit member organization.”

That resonates with our mission (Promote tourism to the small towns of Wisconsin and provide adventures in the form of day, weekend, and week-long trips)  from the standpoint of local businesses, in that while you are touring the small towns you effectively will be helping to support the local economy.  Currently Dane Buy Local serves the Dane county and these surrounding counties listed below:

    • Columbia County (north)
    • Dodge County (northeast)
    • Green County (south) <– Our Headquarters is right on the edge of Green / Dane 🙂
    • Iowa County (west)
    • Jefferson County (east)
    • Rock County (southeast)
    • Sauk County (northwest)

Now why are we telling you about Dane Buy Local?

Firstly, our designer was previously a member with another company and she LOVED them. It brought quite a few business referrals in and also helped form lasting partnerships and get their name out in the public, since they had recently moved from out of state to the Oregon area.  Since then they have actively used local small businesses rather than the big box/chain businesses.

Secondly, Dane Buy Local has networking events throughout the month (that are throughout the day, so not all the same time of day).  They are now venturing out and hosting events in small towns (Which just put a little smile on our face, we must admit!).  Currently they are in the middle of a Membership Blitz (August 1 – September 30, 2014).  So we are reaching out to all the local businesses in small towns from the counties above to take a look at Dane Buy Local and think about joining them.  If you have questions you can contact us or Dane Buy Local, but mention that Small Towns, Wisconsin sent you there if you choose to talk to them.

Last Words…

When we announce our sponsorship levels, Dane Buy Local members will get a discount as our way of saying thanks and supporting the local businesses from small towns to neighboring big cities.  Also just so you know you can just be a citizen member if you do not own an independent local business.

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